Darkness Rising - Eclectica Contemporary

The possibility of understanding, of cultures, societies, communities and places, rises from the framework and perspective from which we begin. The possibility of
recontextualisation or reinterpretation is made wholly more exciting when this reconsideration can be guided by first-hand, self-reflexive or introspective work –

whether that comes from an individual or communal interaction. Darkness Rising is
such an opportunity – to receive and engage with a collection of work by artists from the Congo, whose work investigates and explores different aspects of their experiences or their relation to the country.

Many of us receive information about the happenings in The Congo through the media. The information is received with the understanding that there is implied bias that often misses nuance and personal impact. The artists – residents of the country or of Congolese backgrounds, gathered in this exhibition – add shape and perspective to the magnitude of the context and lived experiences of the country. Darkness Rising, as a curated group exhibition, along with each individual artists voice, opens the opportunity for different narratives to be heard and to alter current understandings and assumptions.

Open from 5 December 2019

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Fusion Vol 2

In our ‘Fusion Vol 2.’ exhibition, we have selected a group of esteemed South African Artists. Each Artist has been chosen for their preferred medium, allowing us to showcase the variety of skills, styles and concepts we have on offer

We are reaching the end of another year.  It is a time of celebration and also reflection. We are going on a journey with our artists, taking the opportunity to look back over this year and unpack various social issues we have faced.

Open from 6 December 2019

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