Truth Be Told


Recorded history is foremost the story of conquerors. Real history is something different. We have invited two multidisciplinary African artists, Williams Chechet (Nigeria) and LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene (Botswana), to investigate narratives and contested African histories through a digital lens.With titles such as Watch The Throne and What is your Dream, Chechet’s artworks become sites of disruption and interrogation of historical iconography. Recycling logos, text and

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Neue Times: Pop-Up Exhibition


As Cape Town turns to summer, the art world is warming to a new way of exhibiting the talent popping up all around the city. Opting for events that move on almost as soon as they appear, there is a shift away from overlong, classical exhibition structures.  Friends of Friends and Eclectica Contemporary are coming together to present a pop-up exhibition showcasing a unique

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Art X Lagos 2021


Eclectica Contemporary is excited to take part in ART x Lagos 2021 Online. This year’s presentation is a celebration of pan-African expression, showcasing artists from South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Sudan and Egypt.

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FNB Art Joburg 2021: Collective Delusions


Eclectica Contemporary’s presentation for this year’s FNB Art Joburg is a celebration of pan-African creative practice with a focus on color, texture and afrocentric identity. Showcasing artists from the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, the group of artists all contribute to the ongoing dialogue of contemporary African portraiture.  These varied renderings make many statements, ask many questions or simply makes us pause

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Smoking Gun: Ofentse Seshabela Solo Show


Eclectica Contemporary is excited to present Ofentse Seshabela’s second solo exhibition titled Smoking Gun, following his successful solo debut Democrazy in 2020. Seshabela implements the technique of smoke drawing in order to deliberately distort and blur the politically loaded content he has become known for. Through Seshabela’s lens the viewer is invited to engage in a larger conversation of blackness and resistance. 

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Smoking Gun: The New World Order


A New World Order refers the group of artists accompanying Ofentse’s work throughout the gallery. Onyis Martin tackles issues of capitalism and housing in Johannesburg, while Asanda Kupa’s distorted figures echoes the streets of the Eastern Cape. Hussein Salim is a painter who uses nostalgia to connect to his homeland in Sudan. Twenty One year old emerging artist Ian Banja is fascinated by everyday fashion and street scenes from Kenya in his struggles series he depicts the everyday obstacles faced by his peers.

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Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2021


The Investec Cape Town Art Fair is hosting its very first digital event in partnership with their sister fair, Miart, in Milan. Eclectica Contemporary is excited to be a part of this international digital fair, and to exhibit amongst numerous renowned artists and galleries. Ian Banja will be making his debut at Eclectica Contemporary with his bold Afro-centric compositions, alongside Soad Abd Elrasoul, a

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Freedom Equals No Fear


As an all female team, August represents a highlight in Eclectica Contemporary’s calendar. Join us as we explore and celebrate the narratives of women from all walks of life on the African continent in our annual, all female, group exhibition titled Freedom = No Fear. This Women’s month we shift our attention to a deep understanding of how society unconsciously leads us to dissect

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Finding Eden


Salim’s new exhibition at Eclectica is titled ‘Finding Eden’. The title of an earlier showing with the gallery, ‘The Three Abstractions: love, time and death’ is as capacious. Salim asks us to engage with the big questions, be they metaphysical, theological, or achingly human. His approach, however, is tender always.

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Odyssey Extension


Download Catalogue Al Luke A Study of Deceit 2021 Mixed Media on paper 106 x 76 cm Al Luke A Whole lot of hot air 2021 Mixed Media on paper 106 x 76 cm Thonton Kabeya La Rumba Series Untitled 1-9 2021 Mixed Media on Canvas 33 x 42 cm

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