Passages Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present Passages, the second iteration of our collaboration with Morgenster Wine Estate, showcasing works by Nina Holmes. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 11 May 2024 at Morgenster Wine Estate, Vergelegen Avenue, Off Lourensford Rd, Somerset West, Cape Town. The process of altering or intervening to create work is a significant quality of Nina Holmes’ practice, and she often


The Venice Biennale 2024: Foreigners Everywhere


When I visited Venice eighteen years ago it was overrun with migrants. The experience left a vivid and lasting impression. It also made the invitation to the 60th Venice Biennial all the more ironic, considering the theme "Foreigners Everywhere." Unsurprisingly, numerous pavilions delved into the ongoing impact of colonialism. As for my highlights? They are the Netherlands Pavilion – Ced’art Tamasala – which

The Venice Biennale 2024: Foreigners Everywhere2024-04-26T10:36:37+02:00

Crying In The Club


Good Good Boy’s work is multidisciplinary and inspired by the experience and reflection of ‘self’ amidst the swirling influences of the internet, pop culture, social media, socio-politics and intra and interpersonal relationships. Good Good Boy gives this a go through swathes of wild colour and self-deprecating humour - creating works that are playfully chaotic yet vulnerable, naive and sensitive. My work sits at the

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The Non-Art Crowd


The Non-Art Crowd by Ashraf Jamal African matters, in this case its art, is a fraught wager, given the burden of history, immoral expediency, fetishism, and a greater range of prejudicial and projected perceptions as to what Africa, a benighted continent, might mean for the world. Here, I must show my hand, and return to Steve Bantu Biko’s prophecy, that Africa would give the

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Figures (in) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa


Figures (In) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa Curated by Nkhensani Mkhari Eclectica Contemporary is thrilled to present Figures (in) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa, curated by Nkhensani Mkhari. The delicate interplay between self-perception and external representation forms a critical lens through which artists navigate their creative trajectory. This dynamic not only shapes individual artistic expression but also fuels broader

Figures (in) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa2024-03-15T11:42:53+02:00

Somewhere in a land of Freedom


Somewhere in a land of Freedom Eclectica Contemporary is excited to be collaborating with Morgenster Wine Estate, We will be showcasing a solo presentation by Yasmine Yacoubi at the Estate Yasmine Yacoubi is an artist with a rich and diverse background, having lived across four continents, which has deeply influenced her artistic journey. Growing up between Dresden and Casablanca, and later living in

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“Ard Al-Alawaa” The Banners Land


"Ard Al-Alawaa" The Banners Land Invest Cape Town Art Fair Solo Booth Eclectica Contemporary is thrilled to be presenting ‘Ard Al-Alawaa’ by Ibrahim Khatab in the Investec Cape Town Art Fair Solo Booth. The showcasing will be presenting Khatab’s latest artistic endeavours which centres around the removal of street advertisements from a significant staircase connecting two contrasting neighbourhoods in Cairo. The process of

“Ard Al-Alawaa” The Banners Land2024-02-15T09:25:04+02:00

Not Everything is Black and White


Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2024 Not Everything is Black and White “Not Everything is Black and White" In a world often perceived in absolutes, where certainty seems comforting, we invite you to challenge the notion that reality can be neatly categorised into binaries. 'Not Everything is Black and White' considers the multifaceted nature of existence, where ambiguity reigns and perspectives diverge. This

Not Everything is Black and White2024-02-15T09:24:16+02:00

Dark Forest


Entering the Dark Forest, we find the fractal beauty of trees and mossy ravines reflected in deep waters. Small crisp flickering marks merge and dissolve on the picture's surface, whilst Layzell's abstract canvases never lose their characteristic deep recession of space. Large swathes of vigorously moving, veiled and dripping paint suggest the movement, patterns and texture of rock, plant matter and water.

Dark Forest2024-02-14T10:32:43+02:00


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