Recorded history is foremost the story of conquerors. Real history is something different.

We have invited two multidisciplinary African artists, Williams Chechet (Nigeria) and LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene (Botswana), to investigate narratives and contested African histories through a digital lens.With titles such as Watch The Throne and What is your Dream, Chechet’s artworks become sites of disruption and interrogation of historical iconography. Recycling logos, text and images from popular culture, Chechet’s images are deliberately taken out of context and overlapped with accessories that invites the viewer to decode decipher complex colonial histories.

Working with digitally manipulated photographs, Makgekgenene’s photographic material makes no attempt towards realism, and opts for a speculative visual language instead. Driven by ecofeminism and performance Makgekgenene’s artworks work highlight the masculine and hierarchical master narratives of Botswana.

Join us as we follow the digital migration of Williams Chechet and LegakwanaLeo Makgekgenene. Truth be Told at Eclectica Contemporary available to view until end of January 2022.