“Ard Al-Alawaa” The Banners Land


"Ard Al-Alawaa" The Banners Land Invest Cape Town Art Fair Solo Booth Eclectica Contemporary is thrilled to be presenting ‘Ard Al-Alawaa’ by Ibrahim Khatab in the Investec Cape Town Art Fair Solo Booth. The showcasing will be presenting Khatab’s latest artistic endeavours which centres around the removal of street advertisements from a significant staircase connecting two contrasting neighbourhoods in Cairo. The process of

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Not Everything is Black and White


Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2024 Not Everything is Black and White “Not Everything is Black and White" In a world often perceived in absolutes, where certainty seems comforting, we invite you to challenge the notion that reality can be neatly categorised into binaries. 'Not Everything is Black and White' considers the multifaceted nature of existence, where ambiguity reigns and perspectives diverge. This

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Florence Biennale 2023


Florence Biennale 2023 Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present the work of Kenyan artist, Nedia Were at the Florence Biennale 2023. The artist specialises in oil painting and portraiture to engage nuanced notions of blackness and black beauty. This is deployed in the recurring motif of black paint and how the artist meticulously renders the sharp pigmentation of the black skin of his

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1-54 London 2023


1-54 London 2023 Icons In The White House Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Ayogu Kinsley for 1-54 London Art Fair 2023. The exhibition showcases latest developments in the artist's ongoing series Icons In The White House. Ayogu Kingsley (b. 1994) is a Nigerian artist born in Enugu, Nigeria in 1994. Kingsley developed an interest and an early aptitude

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FNB Art Joburg 2023


Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present its showcase for this year's FNB Art Joburg Fair, which features artists from Southern, Western and North Africa, each of whom contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse surrounding contemporary African art.

FNB Art Joburg 20232023-09-06T11:55:51+02:00

Miart Art Fair 2023


Eclectica Contemporary is proud to present its showcase for this year's Miart Art Fair, which offers a jubilant tribute to the rich tapestry of pan-African creative expression. Our exhibition places a special emphasis on the diverse and dynamic work of artists hailing from Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt, each of whom contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse surrounding contemporary African art.

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CTAF: Colourful Thinking


CTAF 2023: Colourful Thinking "Eclectica contemporary is pleased to present an exciting celebration of color and African identity in our group exhibition, "Colourful Thinking." This vibrant display features works by artists Ayogu Kingsley, Johannes Phokela, Thebe Phetogo, Nedia Were, Bob-Nosa Uwagboe, Dankyi Mensah, Shaquille Aaron Keith, Ley Mboramwe, and Anthony Lane. Through the use of expressive colors and textures, these talented artists capture

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Art X Lagos 2022


Eclectica Contemporary’s exhibition for Seventh edition of Art X Lagos Fair is a celebration of pan-African creative expression, showcasing artists from Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria. Our selection of artists echoes the African continent’s vibrancy and energy through expressive colors, textures, and design while contributing to the larger discussion of African identity.

Art X Lagos 20222022-11-24T11:01:34+02:00

FNB Art Joburg 2021: Collective Delusions


Eclectica Contemporary’s presentation for this year’s FNB Art Joburg is a celebration of pan-African creative practice with a focus on color, texture and afrocentric identity. Showcasing artists from the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, the group of artists all contribute to the ongoing dialogue of contemporary African portraiture.  These varied renderings make many statements, ask many questions or simply makes us pause

FNB Art Joburg 2021: Collective Delusions2021-11-18T10:33:10+02:00

Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2021


The Investec Cape Town Art Fair is hosting its very first digital event in partnership with their sister fair, Miart, in Milan. Eclectica Contemporary is excited to be a part of this international digital fair, and to exhibit amongst numerous renowned artists and galleries. Ian Banja will be making his debut at Eclectica Contemporary with his bold Afro-centric compositions, alongside Soad Abd Elrasoul, a

Investec Cape Town Art Fair 20212021-11-08T15:00:12+02:00


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