Ubuntu / Uhuru / Awethu : Group exhibition


Ubuntu/Uhuru/Awethu If ever the dryness of a language is felt, it is in the misused, overused and ideologically-motivated use of words such as “freedom”, “peace” and “humanity”. For these words, have been used for extreme political reasons as much as for sincere attempts to live up to such notions. In other words, one finds for example in the political speeches of even political

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Self Reflection: Benon Lutaaya


Self Reflection: Benon Lutaaya SELF REFLECTION Considering the complexities embedded within the African context and African identity, the structuring of its land and the conditioning of its people are often characterized by precarious political systems, with dire social and environmental circumstances as their catalysts. However, as a multifaceted continent rich in its diverse cultural influences, the African identity is one that

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Asuka Nirasawa


Asuka Nirasawa: Biography Japanese artist, Asuka Nirasawa, obtained her BA in Fine Arts at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where she majored in painting and printmaking. She has had numerous projects, group and solo shows in Japan and other countries such as India and South Africa. In 2015, she had a residency with Cape Town’s local Bag

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The Scent of Joss sticks: Vanessa Berlein


The Scent of Joss sticks: Vanessa Berlein Embedded in a time of increasing technological and industrial change, society is in a state of rapid, constant redressing. We open ourselves to an array of costumes tailor-made to perform in unique or a vast range of contexts and circumstances. We fulfil certain roles in the play of society, changing between the political, social,

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Hussein Salim: The Three Abstractions


THE THREE ABSTRACTIONS: love, time and death As an invited artist for the new Eclectica Collection's space, we are excited to announce a new exhibition ‘The Three Abstractions: Love, Time and Death’ with Hussein Salim. The exhibition will feature a series of work from Salim’s catalogue to form a solo show. The exhibition has been curated around themes that are prevalent

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Cross-Pollination: Lars J. Fischedick


Cross-Pollination: Lars J. Fishedick “In the heat of working towards this exhibition, on five or six pieces at the same time, unexpected things started to occur. Each piece did something to the others: infecting each other. There was a fertilisation taking place… a cross-pollination.  This word is mainly used in botanical terms, but it is also used in relation to

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Karin Preller


Karin Preller: Biography Currently full-time artist, Karin Preller, graduated with her B Proc and LL B from the the Rand Afrikaans University (University of Johannesburg) – where she is now also an Affiliated researcher in the Research Centre, as well as Visual Identities in Art and Design. She further practiced law before pursuing a career in the arts. Once she received

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Not a Judge, not a Saint: by Layziehound Coka


Not a Judge, not a Saint. A solo exhibition by: Layziehound Coka In a time of delicate and tenuous change, we cannot ignore our country’s longstanding history shaped by the influence of governing power, bureaucracy and justice. With the birth of democracy in 1994 and its growth from infancy to young adulthood, the footprints of struggling years before are further engraved into its core

Not a Judge, not a Saint: by Layziehound Coka2020-08-06T14:43:19+02:00

The Rape: Sorrel Hofmann


The Rape Eclectica Contemporary is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Sorrel Hofmann entitled “The Rape”. Following on from her highly successful debut exhibition at the UCT Irma Stern Museum earlier this year, this body of work examines the harm inherent in seemingly healing gestures and therapies, ranging from the environmental to the psychological. Consisting of paintings, sculptures, photography and large-scale

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