Good Good Boy’s work is multidisciplinary and inspired by the experience and reflection of ‘self’ amidst the swirling influences of the internet, pop culture, social media, socio-politics and intra and interpersonal relationships. Good Good Boy gives this a go through swathes of wild colour and self-deprecating humour – creating works that are playfully chaotic yet vulnerable, naive and sensitive.

My work sits at the intersection of ‘self’, pop culture, and socio- politics in a way that doesn’t claim to be overtly political but rather through my own personal lens and experiences.’m interested in using absurdity to explore themes that are sensitive to me, drawing a lot on nostalgia, especially adolescence when I was coming to terms with gender, sexuality, PTSD, and mental health – looking at the influence of pop culture and the media around me at the time and still today. I like to poke at gender norms and paint and reclaim things that aren’t expected of queer and femme artists – often using fast cars as a motif.

A lot of the subject matter I paint is inspired by what was unattainable or ‘other worldly’ to me growing up – fussy dogs, fancy flowers, boutique ornaments, luxurious cars and high heels – even the medium of oil paint which I choose to create with today. I like to challenge the exclusivity and elitism of traditional art-making practices…choosing to smear thick, excessive layers of oil paint and scratching intimate, personal and sometimes crude markings into my canvas. These scratchings, similar to those etched into many public spaces, are like sometimes secrets and sometimes little love notes to myself and the audience. They’re also painterly archeological diggings that archive and diarise the present.

GOOD GOOD BOY, Crying in the club, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 85 ×120 cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Airpop, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 101 x 101cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Cars, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 44 × 32cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Horse Power, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 50 x 75cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Banana, 2024, Oil on canvas, Framed, 44 × 32cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Throbbing, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 44 ×32cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Mom’s Car, 2023, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 76.2 ×101.6cm

GOOD GOOD BOY, Still Life, 2024, Mixed media on canvas, Framed, 76.2 ×101.6cm