Dark Forest


Entering the Dark Forest, we find the fractal beauty of trees and mossy ravines reflected in deep waters. Small crisp flickering marks merge and dissolve on the picture's surface, whilst Layzell's abstract canvases never lose their characteristic deep recession of space. Large swathes of vigorously moving, veiled and dripping paint suggest the movement, patterns and texture of rock, plant matter and water.

Dark Forest2024-02-14T10:32:43+02:00

Melissa Barker: MUD


Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present it’s latest exhibition, featuring the evocative ceramic work of Melissa Barker. Melissa presents “MUD”, a series of ceramic vessels that invite viewers to reflect on playful nostalgia.

Melissa Barker: MUD2023-09-06T11:47:42+02:00


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