FNB Johannesburg Art Fair


Eclectica Contemporary | FNB  Johannesburg  Art  Fair Each of the artists we have chosen utilize their own individual techniques to convey commentary on the world as they experience it. Hussein Salim, a Sudanese artist, uses motif and repetition to illustrate his understanding of spiritual, social and environmental instances – often invoking symbolism as a means of communicating cultural ritual and mythological

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Turbine Art Fair 2018


Turbine Art Fair 2018 With an increasing focus on African Art around the world, Eclectica Contemporary aims to showcase artists who thoroughly investigate the dynamics of art-making in the African and South African context, within the ever increasingly globalized art market. The art at Eclectica Contemporary often focuses on practices and materials familiar from art history but which push these boundaries and

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Cross-Pollination: Lars J. Fischedick


Cross-Pollination: Lars J. Fishedick “In the heat of working towards this exhibition, on five or six pieces at the same time, unexpected things started to occur. Each piece did something to the others: infecting each other. There was a fertilisation taking place… a cross-pollination.  This word is mainly used in botanical terms, but it is also used in relation to

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