FNB Art Joburg 2023


Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present its showcase for this year's FNB Art Joburg Fair, which features artists from Southern, Western and North Africa, each of whom contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse surrounding contemporary African art.

FNB Art Joburg 20232023-09-06T11:55:51+02:00

Dark Matter: Solo by Lars Fischedick


Dark Matter  Eclectica Contemporary is honoured to present Dark Matter - a solo presentation by visual artist Lars Fisherdick. Having exhibited on numerous occasions with Eclectica contemporary and globally, Fischedick requires no introduction into the visual art realm. Drawing inspiration from scientific knowledge, his most recent series, titled Dark Matter, showcases the architect turned sculptor’s haptic exploration into materiality and the unknown.  Dark

Dark Matter: Solo by Lars Fischedick2023-02-14T08:41:26+02:00


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