Art X Lagos 2021


Eclectica Contemporary is excited to take part in ART x Lagos 2021 Online. This year’s presentation is a celebration of pan-African expression, showcasing artists from South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Sudan and Egypt.

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Finding Eden


Salim’s new exhibition at Eclectica is titled ‘Finding Eden’. The title of an earlier showing with the gallery, ‘The Three Abstractions: love, time and death’ is as capacious. Salim asks us to engage with the big questions, be they metaphysical, theological, or achingly human. His approach, however, is tender always.

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Latitudes Art Fair 2020


Latitudes Art Fair 2020 Latitudes Art Fair 2020 is now live and Eclectica Contemporary is excited to show works by Ofentse Seshabela, Nina Holmes, Hussein Salim and Ley Mboramwe. Latitudes is your new online market space to explore and buy contemporary art from Africa.  With a constantly changing, curated selection of art from the continent and the diaspora,

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Elsewhere – Hussein Salim


Elsewhere - Hussein Salim Hussein Salim is no stranger to travel, finding new environments, adapting to new living spaces. Having traveling extensively since leaving Khartoum, Sudan in the 1980s, his experiences have layered his work with a dense patterning of memory, reminiscence of place and intricate symbolisms influenced by different cultural contexts. A poem titled The Importance of Elsewhere by

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Marrakech, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2020


HUSSEIN SALIM As a result of a tumultuous political and economical period in Sudan, which brought about disputes of its historical context, Hussein Salim spent a number of years as a refugee in various countries such as Egypt and South Africa. Despite his artistic training in Khartoum University, he attained his Master’s degree in art at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal,

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SOLO BOOTH C10 Nina Holmes The fear and embarrassment of obsolescence makes for a civilization that is not civil but instead one that is hardened to any body or thing that is deemed worthless and has thus become irrelevant to societal functioning. My current body of work deals largely with the notions of uselessness, irrelevance and invisibility surrounding both people and inanimate objects


FNB Johannesburg Art Fair


Eclectica Contemporary | FNB  Johannesburg  Art  Fair Each of the artists we have chosen utilize their own individual techniques to convey commentary on the world as they experience it. Hussein Salim, a Sudanese artist, uses motif and repetition to illustrate his understanding of spiritual, social and environmental instances – often invoking symbolism as a means of communicating cultural ritual and mythological

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Turbine Art Fair 2018


Turbine Art Fair 2018 With an increasing focus on African Art around the world, Eclectica Contemporary aims to showcase artists who thoroughly investigate the dynamics of art-making in the African and South African context, within the ever increasingly globalized art market. The art at Eclectica Contemporary often focuses on practices and materials familiar from art history but which push these boundaries and

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Ubuntu / Uhuru / Awethu : Group exhibition


Ubuntu/Uhuru/Awethu If ever the dryness of a language is felt, it is in the misused, overused and ideologically-motivated use of words such as “freedom”, “peace” and “humanity”. For these words, have been used for extreme political reasons as much as for sincere attempts to live up to such notions. In other words, one finds for example in the political speeches of even political

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Hussein Salim: The Three Abstractions


THE THREE ABSTRACTIONS: love, time and death As an invited artist for the new Eclectica Collection's space, we are excited to announce a new exhibition ‘The Three Abstractions: Love, Time and Death’ with Hussein Salim. The exhibition will feature a series of work from Salim’s catalogue to form a solo show. The exhibition has been curated around themes that are prevalent

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