Miart Art Fair 2023


Eclectica Contemporary is proud to present its showcase for this year's Miart Art Fair, which offers a jubilant tribute to the rich tapestry of pan-African creative expression. Our exhibition places a special emphasis on the diverse and dynamic work of artists hailing from Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt, each of whom contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse surrounding contemporary African art.

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KWAAI Vol.3: Group Exhibition


Disturbing the Stereotypes - KWAAI Exhibition 2020 Art goes beyond mere entertainment – it is an ancient way of expressing who we are and what we stand for that goes back to the first time that humans left their marks on the walls of caves or fashioned forms out of the earth. Art captures and expresses different

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Tones – Online Group Show


Tones brings together ideas that have germinated, growing silently and carefully, over the past few months. Since the beginning of 2020, or perhaps long before, the world has been in various states of flux, requiring a change of pace, a different dynamic and altered means of interaction. Thus, as we shift in tone to new possibilities, acknowledging the tensions and sounds of strain, and

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Stop stop click: group exhibition


Stop stop click A key question hitting the art world and specifically contemporary photographers is the question of the future of the image. To stop, to pause, to click manifests in everyday life across so many platforms and interactions. To take seriously the art of photography, does this mean a forfeiting of chance? Of the momentary and immediate? Or does it simply mean

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Redemptive Beauty: Group Show


REDEMPTIVE BEAUTY The curious thing about beauty, even though aestheticians have attempted to discern an objective definition, is that it seems to change just as fashions do – from culture to culture and from individual to individual. This applies as much to the artist herself as it does to the “consumer” of art. With the advent of pop and the breaking down of

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Paradise Regained: A group exhibition.


Seventeenth century poet John Milton’s epic masterpiece, Paradise Regained is a complex tale. There are obvious biblical references to Adam and Eve, the Fall and subsequent attempts to reclaim Eden. Although the language is often convoluted and terse, there are subtle nuances: the beguiling force of the evil tempter; the mythical love shared between the first people; the attempt to recover

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