FNB Art Joburg 2023


Eclectica Contemporary is pleased to present its showcase for this year's FNB Art Joburg Fair, which features artists from Southern, Western and North Africa, each of whom contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse surrounding contemporary African art.

FNB Art Joburg 20232023-09-06T11:55:51+02:00

FNB Art Joburg 2021: Collective Delusions


Eclectica Contemporary’s presentation for this year’s FNB Art Joburg is a celebration of pan-African creative practice with a focus on color, texture and afrocentric identity. Showcasing artists from the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa, the group of artists all contribute to the ongoing dialogue of contemporary African portraiture.  These varied renderings make many statements, ask many questions or simply makes us pause

FNB Art Joburg 2021: Collective Delusions2021-11-18T10:33:10+02:00


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