The Baddies of Isandlwana


The Baddies of Isandlwana, a solo show by Desire Marea Desire (Duma Buyani) was born in the serene coastal town of Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, in 1991. Today, he makes his home and hones his craft in the vibrant community of Amandawe, within the same province. Orphaned at the tender age of six, Desire was nurtured by a close-knit extended family, whose dynamism and unwavering

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Crying In The Club


Good Good Boy’s work is multidisciplinary and inspired by the experience and reflection of ‘self’ amidst the swirling influences of the internet, pop culture, social media, socio-politics and intra and interpersonal relationships. Good Good Boy gives this a go through swathes of wild colour and self-deprecating humour - creating works that are playfully chaotic yet vulnerable, naive and sensitive. My work sits at the

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The Non-Art Crowd


The Non-Art Crowd by Ashraf Jamal African matters, in this case its art, is a fraught wager, given the burden of history, immoral expediency, fetishism, and a greater range of prejudicial and projected perceptions as to what Africa, a benighted continent, might mean for the world. Here, I must show my hand, and return to Steve Bantu Biko’s prophecy, that Africa would give the

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Figures (in) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa


Figures (In) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa Curated by Nkhensani Mkhari Eclectica Contemporary is thrilled to present Figures (in) Flux: The Future of Portraiture from Africa, curated by Nkhensani Mkhari. The delicate interplay between self-perception and external representation forms a critical lens through which artists navigate their creative trajectory. This dynamic not only shapes individual artistic expression but also fuels broader

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Leila Fanner | Ceremony for the Soul


Leila Fanner | Ceremony for the Soul Presenting a series of paintings imbued with vivid colors abstract motions and delicate details, Leila Fanner is featured as September's invited artist for Eclectica Collection. For Leila, painting becomes a meditation in an external sense, and a way of incorporating vistas of this world and others. Central to her body of work and seen in others that have come before,

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