Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Nedia Were Solo


Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Nedia Were Solo When Nedia Were considers ‘love, connections and relationships’ as ‘the most important aspect in human life’, he is tapping our core longing in a time that has become brutally divisive, hurtful and hateful, in which reason has been vanquished, intuition obliterated, the only call heeded by the majority, trapped in their respective silos, one that

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Nedia Were Solo2023-02-14T08:40:28+02:00

Danielle Zelna Alexander – Running Through Sand


Danielle Zelna Alexander, Solo exhibition - Running Through Sand Running Through Sand is the debut solo Show by Danielle Zelna Alexander with Eclectica Contemporary. It is a body of work layered both physically and metaphorically. It is a wondering through identity - what is seen, what is assumed, what is fixed and what needs fixing. Duality and double meaning ring through the

Danielle Zelna Alexander – Running Through Sand2020-08-06T14:36:06+02:00

Leila Fanner | Ceremony for the Soul


Leila Fanner | Ceremony for the Soul Presenting a series of paintings imbued with vivid colors abstract motions and delicate details, Leila Fanner is featured as September's invited artist for Eclectica Collection. For Leila, painting becomes a meditation in an external sense, and a way of incorporating vistas of this world and others. Central to her body of work and seen in others that have come before,

Leila Fanner | Ceremony for the Soul2020-08-06T14:39:30+02:00


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