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Layziehound Coka

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Layziehound is a Johannesburg based fine artist, working from the city’s August House studios. His art examines South Africa’s generational divide and crisis of leadership by exploring the idea of the suit – the uniform of South Africa’s elders, who often use this cloth for self enrichment.

The South African social landscape is currently threatening and confusing, especially for new generations. The questions implicit in the landscape pile up for young South Africans. Will you end up being a servant in this place? What other possibles futures might lie in store? Which pieces of the past and future should you choose to hold on to, and why?

Progress is deeply personal, and it can be dangerous to think of previous generations as better versions of ourselves – especially because humans abandon former beliefs so easily.

Layziehound’s art plays with these ideas, making strong use of titles as a poetic device. Along the way he casts a sharp lens on South African society – most notably, of course, the wearers of the suit.

Layziehound was born in Bilanyoni, Northern KwaZulu Natal, in 1982. He moved to Gauteng in 2001, and started studied engineering in 2003 at the Pretoria Technikon. He gave up engineering for fine art in 2005, when he started studying print making at Newtown’s Artist Proof Studio (APS). He has been working as a professional artist since graduating from APS in 2007.


2016                                                            : August house @ Hazard Gallery (Maboneng Arts on Main) G

2016                                                            : solo with MAP contemporary titled Unfettered egos and the absence of substance in August.

2016                                                            : Group exhibitions: alliance francais titled Expressions

2016                                                            : Considering Genius @ Res Gallery  (Rosebank) G

2015                                                            : Joburg Art Week @ August House Gallery (Doornfontein) G

2015                                                            : Turbine Art Fair @ Bayliss Gallery (Turbine Hall Newtown) G

2015                                                            : Eye art@ Gavinprojects (Crowne Plaza Rosebank) G

2014                                                            : Art @ Gavinprojects (Blouberg Sandton) G

2012                                                            : World Summit@ IDC (Sandton) G

2011                                                            : Collaborate @ Unity Art Gallery (Newtown) G

2010                                                            : Do what you love and love what you do @ The Chemistry (Park Town North) S

2010                                                            : Wasted @ Unity Art Gallery (Newtown) G

2010                                                            : Collaborate @ Unity Art Gallery (Newtown) G

2009                                                            : Love matters: Concerto no.26 @ Unity Art Gallery (Johannesburg C.B.D.) S

2009                                                            : APS @ Belldewarhall (Houghton) G

2009                                                            : Sasol Signature Award Exibition @ Pretorie Museum (Pretoria) G

2009                                                            : Thami Mnyele Award Exhibition @ Scholtz Coen Recreation (Birchleigh North) G

2009                                                            : Lyrical sense and sounds of philosophy @ The Peech Hotel (Melrose) S

2008                                                            : Unity @ Unity Art Gallery (Johannesburg C.B.D.) G

2008                                                            : Art @ Belldewarhall (Houghton) G

2008                                                            : Ekurhuleni art award @ Scholtz Coen Recreation centre (Birchleigh North) G

2008                                                            : Tracker (Randburg) G

2008                                                            : Afrika Day @ Soweto G

2008                                                            : Absa Competion @ Absa Gallery (Johannesburg) G

2007                                                            : Identity @ Gallery on the square (Sandton) G

2007                                                            : Final year end show @ Artist Proof Studio (Newtown) G

2007                                                            : @ Spaza Art Gallery (Troyville) G

2007                                                            : Sheraton Hotel (Pretoria) G

2007                                                            : Belldewarhall Exhibition Houghton G

2006                                                            : Sheraton Hotel (Pretoria) G

2005                                                            : Emotions in motion @ Bus Factory (Newtown) S




2006                                                            : BBM Law Calendar

2007                                                            : Department of Water Affairs

2007                                                            : Department of Sport and Recreation

2007                                                            :Belldewarhall Houghton

2015                                                            : Brainstorm Calender



2007                                                            : BBM LAW Calendar

2009                                                            : Africa Day Exhibition Catalogue

2009                                                            : The Citizen Newspaper (03 August 2009)

2009                                                            : Sasol New Signature Catalogue

2015                                                            : Mail & Guardian (11 September 2015)

2015                                                            : The Times (3 November 2015)

2016                                                            : (International DIGI-Mag  8 January 2016)

Not a Judge, not a Saint.

A solo exhibition by: Layziehound Coka

In a time of delicate and tenuous change, we cannot ignore our country’s longstanding history shaped by the influence of governing power, bureaucracy and justice. With the birth of democracy in 1994 and its growth from infancy to young adulthood, the footprints of struggling years before are further engraved into its core structure.

Despite those whom have so valiantly upheld the spirit of unity and solidarity, we are still confronted with hypocrisy, ill bureaucratic practices, methods of exclusion or favouritism and a skewed idea of a fair judicial system.

It is within these crucial times of restructuring and rethinking that Eclectica Contemporary is proud to host a solo exhibition featuring South African Artist, Mpumelelo “Layziehound” Coka titled, Not a judge, not a saint.

Who are we to judge and on what grounds are we as individuals judged, when neither of us is without sin? That is the question Layzihound Coka overtly confronts us with.

The South African artist who was born in Bilanyoni, Northen KwaZulu Natal, the foundation for his education and social upbringing, participated in a radical shift to art-making during 2003, leading him to quit engineering and participate in numerous group and solo exhibitions with a focus in print-making. It is within this shift that Layziehound  embarked on his journey, renouncing strict principles and modes of thinking to explore grounds rooted in the premise of dismantling predetermined standards and boundaries.

Not a judge, not a saint, a “neither-nor” statement with a slightly deceiving sense of neutralism reveals the ease at which we dissociate ourselves from the judgements we make. He questions the power trajectories prevalent in society, be they religious and socio-political ideologies or those whom uphold them. His large, gestural body of work expresses a turbulent experience of conflict when tackling the so-called moral compass the artist and those of us alike are taught to live by.

The artworks address structures of leadership, division of class and a growing generational divide through the motif of the suit or suit-wearer. The fragmented images not only serve to obscure visual reception but also allude to the obscurities prevalent in a precarious socio-economic environment.

Layziehound reveals the incisions and scorched patches, the areas of imperfection as a result of continuous enforcement of idealized beliefs. So again we capitalize his question, “who are we to judge and on what grounds are we as individuals judged, when neither of us is without sin?”

– Kirsten  Arendse

 Cape Times Articles:

eclectica_contemporary_The devil made me do it 2017 Charcoal and acrylic on canvas 130 x 119.5 cm
Layziehound Coka - The Devil Made me Do it

The devil made me do it
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
130 x 119.5 cm

Layziehound Coka - Judging Idols

Judging Idols
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
126.5 x 145.5 cm

Layziehound Coka - She makes Salvation Scream

She makes salvation scream
Mixed media on canvas
128 x 139.5 cm

Layziehound Coka - Stooges of The System

Stooges of the System
Mixed media on canvas
192 x 128 cm

Layziehound Coka - A mere Nephilim(fallen from Grace)

A mere Nephilim (Fallen from grace)
Mixed media on canvas
100.5 x 71.5 cm

Layziehound Coka - A mere Nephilim(fallen from Grace)

Fallen Icon (Retaliation)
Mixed media canvas
100.5 x 71.5

Layziehound Coka - Vetican Love

Vatican love
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
60 x 83.5 cm

Layziehound Coka - Earthly Judges and Prophets of Doom

Earthly judges and prophets of doom
Charcoal and Acrylic on canvas
149.5 x 139.5

Layziehound Coka - Tough Guys, Tougher than tough times

Tough guys, tougher than tough times
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
102,5 x 129 cm

Layziehound Coka - Idolizing the shadows of former glory

Idolizing the shadows of former glory
Charcoal and acrylic on canvas
119.5 x 149 cm

Layziehound Coka - Officepirational quickies

Officepirational quickies
Mixed media on canvas
139.5 x 129.5 cm