Turbine Art Fair 2018


Turbine Art Fair 2018 With an increasing focus on African Art around the world, Eclectica Contemporary aims to showcase artists who thoroughly investigate the dynamics of art-making in the African and South African context, within the ever increasingly globalized art market. The art at Eclectica Contemporary often focuses on practices and materials familiar from art history but which push these boundaries and

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Edge of a Thread


To pull the edge of a thread. To unravel the cloth. To grab hold of something and walk with the eventuality it leads towards. Or away from. The Edge of a Thread exhibition is a group show that wraps itself around and through any and all mediums, with artists weaving and winding through their own practice, stitched together within the Eclectica Contemporary gallery

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Aimee Lindeque


Aimee Lindeque Aimee Lindeque Creature leather and ceramic sculptures 50cm tall Aimee Lindeque no such thing as a fish 2018 Watercolour on paper 31 x 44 cm SOLD Aimee Lindeque Yellow and Red colour study 2018 watercolour on paper 47 x 34 cm Aimee Lindeque Fungus 2018 Watercolour

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Variation / Distinction


Variation / Distinction With Vincent Osemwegie, Anthony Lane and Duduza Mchunu An exhibition exploring the distinction of line in varying mediums and topics. Each artist elaborates around notions of interaction and variation through, around, within and across lines of people, worlds and beings. In a world where lines are often blurred and circumstances are more frequently confronted by knee-jerk reactions, Variation/

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Philipp Pieroth


Philipp Pieroth Berlin artist, Philipp Pieroth investigates spatial relations between individuals and human interactivity as a means to interrogate the alienating context of a capitalist and technologically-based society.  As a result of frequent traveling between South Africa and Europe, his work is informed by immersing himself in spaces that provide interaction and conversation with others in efforts to redefine and

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Stop stop click: group exhibition


Stop stop click A key question hitting the art world and specifically contemporary photographers is the question of the future of the image. To stop, to pause, to click manifests in everyday life across so many platforms and interactions. To take seriously the art of photography, does this mean a forfeiting of chance? Of the momentary and immediate? Or does it simply mean

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Metaphysical Reflection: Aubrey Chali


Aubrey Chali (locally known as Chali) is a well-known artist on the Zambian art circuit. He has exhibited in many international scenes including South Africa, Europe and Asia. Chali’s uses a semi-abstraction to look at multiple layers of cultural identity within Zambia and throughout Africa. Chali uses the Chitenge fabric with paint to create interesting and unique artistic creations to explore

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Ubuntu / Uhuru / Awethu : Group exhibition


Ubuntu/Uhuru/Awethu If ever the dryness of a language is felt, it is in the misused, overused and ideologically-motivated use of words such as “freedom”, “peace” and “humanity”. For these words, have been used for extreme political reasons as much as for sincere attempts to live up to such notions. In other words, one finds for example in the political speeches of even political

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Self Reflection: Benon Lutaaya


Self Reflection: Benon Lutaaya SELF REFLECTION Considering the complexities embedded within the African context and African identity, the structuring of its land and the conditioning of its people are often characterized by precarious political systems, with dire social and environmental circumstances as their catalysts. However, as a multifaceted continent rich in its diverse cultural influences, the African identity is one that

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