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Tones – Online Group Show


Tones brings together ideas that have germinated, growing silently and carefully, over the past few months. Since the beginning of 2020, or perhaps long before, the world has been in various states of flux, requiring a change of pace, a different dynamic and altered means of interaction. Thus, as we shift in tone to new possibilities, acknowledging the tensions and sounds of strain, and

Tones – Online Group Show2020-08-06T14:28:38+02:00

Mimouni El Houssaïne


Mimouni El Houssaine lives and teaches fine art in Montpellier although he travels constantly between the two Mediterranean shores of Morocco and Europe. These constant coming and goings are reflected on his canvases in a game of symbols, spattered written texts and horizons in perspective. Mimouni's work weaves the intricate dialect of yearning for other shores, spurned on by the desire

Mimouni El Houssaïne2020-10-01T15:25:27+02:00

Elsewhere – Hussein Salim


Elsewhere - Hussein Salim Hussein Salim is no stranger to travel, finding new environments, adapting to new living spaces. Having traveling extensively since leaving Khartoum, Sudan in the 1980s, his experiences have layered his work with a dense patterning of memory, reminiscence of place and intricate symbolisms influenced by different cultural contexts. A poem titled The Importance of Elsewhere by

Elsewhere – Hussein Salim2020-08-06T14:29:17+02:00

Asanda Kupa – Relearn, my soul


Asanda Kupa - Relearn, my soul Kupa’s latest body of work that follows up from his previous solo. Relearn, my soul is a culmination of a period of Kupa’s self-investigation that grappled with the importance of the three stages of life: birth, life and death. His explorations have taken him on a journey to find himself, and in the process

Asanda Kupa – Relearn, my soul2020-08-06T14:29:22+02:00

Marrakech, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 2020


HUSSEIN SALIM As a result of a tumultuous political and economical period in Sudan, which brought about disputes of its historical context, Hussein Salim spent a number of years as a refugee in various countries such as Egypt and South Africa. Despite his artistic training in Khartoum University, he attained his Master’s degree in art at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal,

Marrakech, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 20202021-01-18T13:39:31+02:00



SOLO BOOTH C10 Nina Holmes The fear and embarrassment of obsolescence makes for a civilization that is not civil but instead one that is hardened to any body or thing that is deemed worthless and has thus become irrelevant to societal functioning. My current body of work deals largely with the notions of uselessness, irrelevance and invisibility surrounding both people and inanimate objects


Fusion Vol 3. – group exhibition


Eclectica Contemporary is situated in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD. It hosts an impressive, carefully chosen, group of Artists. The Gallery, with it multiple levels set in an historical heritage building, attempts to question old traditions with new voices in Contemporary Art. In our ‘Fusion Vol 3.’ exhibition, we have selected a group of esteemed South African Artists. Each Artist

Fusion Vol 3. – group exhibition2020-08-06T14:29:59+02:00

Before Tomorrow Comes | Onyis Martin


Borders are critical and complex entities, concepts and constructs. Many artists have engaged with notions of permeability, transience and constraints in relation to borders but few have dealt with the impressions of borders and their bureaucratic ephemera as tangibly as Onyis Martin. Before Tomorrow Comes is a presentation of his latest body of work, as a solo exhibition at a Eclectica

Before Tomorrow Comes | Onyis Martin2020-08-06T14:30:12+02:00

Democrazy: Ofentse Seshabela


Democrazy: a demonstration of craziness, a solo exhibition at Eclectica Contemporary In 2018, Ofentse Seshabela first exhibited with Eclectica Contemporary. First on a group exhibition at the gallery and then at the FNB Joburg Art Fair. His installations of collage, smudging and juxtapositions have grasped young children, experienced collectors and old mavericks alike. Most notable was his questioning work ‘Land?’ installed

Democrazy: Ofentse Seshabela2020-11-16T15:19:15+02:00

Darkness Rising – group exhibition


The possibility of understanding, of cultures, societies, communities and places, rises from the framework and perspective from which we begin. The possibility of recontextualisation or reinterpretation is made wholly more exciting when this reconsideration can be guided by first-hand, self-reflexive or introspective work - whether that comes from an individual or communal interaction. Darkness Rising is such an opportunity - to

Darkness Rising – group exhibition2020-08-06T14:33:50+02:00
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