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Counter Current – group exhibition


Understood in scientific arenas, the concept ‘countercurrent’ refers to an exchange common in nature but mimicked as a mechanism in industry and engineering, describing the oppositional flow of two different properties, creating a crossover. Concurrently, to work within a counter current is to embrace and integrate difference and flexibility. As such, Counter Current is informed by an understanding of adjustment, amalgamation,

Counter Current – group exhibition2019-10-28T14:26:56+02:00

FNB Art Joburg 2019


FNB Art Joburg 2019 Following a successful solo exhibition at Eclectica Contemporary earlier this year, an installation and workshops and the Zeitz MOCAA and many high profile international commissions, Loyiso Mkize (South Africa) presents an installation wall at Eclectica Contemporary’s booth for Art Joburg’s Gallery Lab. Accompanying this installation, Hussein Salim (Sudan) and Ibrahim Kharab’s (Egypt) evocative and vibrant paintings will

FNB Art Joburg 20192019-10-28T10:20:31+02:00

Nina Holmes: it is not what i see


it is not what i see the dankness, the brown mustiness deeply integrated into fathomless pits of earth under earth the sharp, excited green of new life, new promises prim and contained each leaf shape. the frilly, delicate ferns lacy tendrils and soft. the albino white patches on trunks of trees blending into sap green, mouldy dark - so unexpected the

Nina Holmes: it is not what i see2019-10-28T10:26:54+02:00

OUR STORIES – group show


To tell our stories is an offering of love, a chance to meet and connect and most of all to share. To acknowledge, honour, celebrate and bask in womxn’s month, Eclectica Contemporary hosts a womxn’s group show in our womxn-run gallery. Entangling and intertwining the complexities and simplicities of identity, environments are created and explored. Recognising power and representation, this exhibition hopes

OUR STORIES – group show2019-10-28T10:28:12+02:00

Sudan’s Phoenix People – Hussein Salim


Sudan’s Phoenix People “For the People of Sudan, the pain of gathering what little hope remains to muster a ‘final’ attempt at overthrowing any form of oppression is regularly met with bitter disappointment. As the world grows more connected, so do they also grow more numb to the atrocities against humanity, the international community seemingly nonplussed at the plight of the

Sudan’s Phoenix People – Hussein Salim2019-10-28T10:32:42+02:00

KWAAI Vol.2: group exhibition


KWAAI Vol.2 Despite the negative connotations that the words ‘coloured identity’ conjure, the artists exhibiting at Eclectica have chosen to celebrate this culture with the hope of creating a positive awareness of its diversity. This exhibition hopes to contribute and reinforce positivity towards change in our coloured community. We wish to highlight the rich contributions of coloured people,

KWAAI Vol.2: group exhibition2019-10-28T10:33:54+02:00

COLLECTIVE DELUSION: group exhibition


COLLECTIVE DELUSION Artists: Ley Mboramwe Loyiso Mkize Mia Darling Theko Boshomane Amy Lindeque The winter has arrived once more. Another summer gone and the sighs of the dams, as they feel the rain once more, echo the relief felt by us all. Twenty-five years have now come and passed since the first election of democratic South Africa in 1994 and we

COLLECTIVE DELUSION: group exhibition2019-07-01T13:55:29+02:00

Kyu Sang Lee


Kyu Sang Lee The Seventh Seal No.1 2014 Hahnemule Baryta 63 x 42 cm Kyu Sang Lee The Seventh Seal No.2 2014 Hahnemule Baryta 63 x 42 cm Kyu Sang Lee Dancing Along Alone 2017 Archival light jet 59,4 x 42cm Kyu Sang Lee Goldberg 2/5 2017 glicée

Kyu Sang Lee2019-10-28T12:08:12+02:00

Breathe | Group Exhibition


"Breathe", a group exhibition showcasing artworks by Desrae Chimes Saacks, Nina Holmes, Natasha Barnes, Ben Coutouvidis, Mary Visser and Albert Courtse. In the midst of the rat race we live in, art is a breath of fresh air, reminding us of the the essential things in life that we often overlook. This exhibition offers its audience a space to be present. It's a space of quiet contemplation and meditation in which

Breathe | Group Exhibition2019-10-28T11:46:53+02:00

Sue Greeff | acetone veil


Round the cliff on a sudden came the sea, And the sun looked over the Mountain’s rim: And straight was a path of gold for him, And the need of a world of men for me. ~ Parting at Morning, Robert Browning (1812–1889) Bodies are used and loved, admired and exploited, pressured and cherished. Bodies are political, imbued with power and

Sue Greeff | acetone veil2019-09-13T16:42:38+02:00
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